Spillage Cleanup Machinery

Our Spillage Cleanup Machinery

Our Vacuum Tankers are equipped for Diesel Spillage cleanups, Chemical Spillage cleanups, Oil Spilllage cleanups watering of roads and transportation of hazardous materials. These are all part of the spillage cleanup services that JM Clark can provide.

We work on day or contract hire depending on your requirements and our spillage cleanup services are always available to individuals as well as businesses and local government 24/7 including emergency work.

JM Clark also offer Mechanical Road Sweeper services and have a growing fleet of virtually new Johnston VT651s available for on off site visits or contract hire. Our Road Sweeper vehicles are never less that a year old which means we can provide the reliability and quality of service that makes us a UK leader in the Plant Hire industry.

JM Clark have also invested in petrol powered jet washers with bowsers offering Jet Washer Hire as part of our multi disciplined plant hire business.

Our Jet Washers are fully equipped and can handle most tough jet washing requirements. Each machine can jet wash at between 2000 psi up to 3000 psi.

For more information please go to jmclarkplanthire.co.uk or call us on 0800 014 6241



Fuel Spill Cleanup
Chemical Spill Cleanup
Oil Spill Cleanup
Agricultural /Industrial Spills